Book Review: And I Darken by Kiersten White

Title: And I Darken
Author: Kiersten White
Genre: YA, Historical fiction/retelling
Pages: 475



The novel is set during the Ottoman era. It tells the story of two siblings, Radu and Lada, who are sold to the ottoman sultan by their own blood father, the King of Wallachia. In order to hold peace between the two sides. They are treated badly enough until they meet the son of sultan, Mehmed. After that their lifestyle changes quite a bit.
Of the two siblings, Lada is completely one of a kind. Fierce, brutal, savage, cruel, all are synonyms to her. She has her own  wild way to protect those she love. She is no feminine in nature. She wants to rule her country, protect it and prove herself no matter what the price is.
On the contrary, Radu has a gentle most polite soul. He is good looking and his wide smile could melt anyones heart. When he was young, he was an easy target. He was usually bullied and mocked upon.
Mehmed, the son of Sultan, who merely had to sit heavily laden in silk in a far of city from the capital, the one who is never meant to rule. Fortunately, some things turns in his favour. He also bounds himself in a relationship of more than a friendship with Radu and Lada.


This book was the darkest thriller of DARKK thrillers!!!
(99% of the darkness belonging to Lada 😂)
Okay sorry that was lame.
It was def my favourite historical fiction of the year. I loved every bit of it. But I wanted more Radu. 😭💔

One of the best things about the book were:

  • The way the author described Islam. As a religion of peace and brotherhood rather not of hate and all. It was beautiful how Radu  felt everytime while praying.
  • And. Ahem. Radu. He def was the best thing, period. You have got to agree on that! 😉

  • Another reason I never lost interest in the book is, the time period it’s set in. All the Ottoman history fantasise me alott. 😍image



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