BOOK DISCUSSION: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


The new harry potter book, the eighth installment in the series, may have lacked the magical harry potter-ish essence but  the plot was okay for me. I’m not sure how to start this thing.

First of all it was a play, so what we were EVENN expecting! There was no continuation, it was completely devoid of emotions, the characters seemed so unreal. Every character evolved in the worst possible way. Harry was a complete snob and Draco lacked all his maliciousness. And that simply wasn’t  okay with me. image


There were a few parts where I had a laugh for real.

RON: “Nothing scares me. Apart from mum.”


ALBUS: Everyone’s staring at us again.
RON: Because of me! I’m extremely famous. My nose tricks are legendary!

But what that made Ron? Ron looked entirely a side character who keep on butting in just to keep a good mood.

I like the characters of Scorpius and Albus slightly. One thing that bothered me was that the only one to struggle because of harry’s fame was Albus while Lily and James just disappeared from the story. Even if they didn’t struggle, they had a part to play. THEY LEGIT HAD.

The most disturbing character was, Delphie, the daughter of Voldemort and  Bellatrix.Honestly I didn’t see that thing coming and I SIMPLY WAS NOT READY FOR IT. A thing like that wasn’t possible in dark lord’s life, WAS IT? It made me go like thisimage.gif

Talking about the plot, it was fine. Although the years flew like seconds but after all it wasn’t supposed to be a book explaining every detail.

Take a moment and appreciate how beautiful the book is.  😍




Excuse me and just look at the book. 😍

Seeing Harry, Ron and Hermione together did stir a little something inside me.  It might be unfair to judge a book because it was play. I hope it’s better when played on stage.




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